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Es un auténtico placer poder anunciar que nuestro compañero [88] Murcielago ha quedado seleccionado, gracias a su gran trabajo con la Capture The Flag + 2.0, como

uno de los posibles ganadores en la categoría multijugador del concuros  Make Arma Not War de BIS. 

Listado de finalistos en el apartado multijugador:


After evaluating more than 250 entries, Bohemia Interactive today revealed the 50 finalists in Bohemia Interactive’s €500,000 Make Arma Not War contest.

In the Singleplayer Game Mode category, the finalists were selected by Arma 3 players, who were able to vote for their favorite entries. In the other categories, the finalists were selected by Bohemia Interactive themselves. The entries that have made it into the next round will be evaluated by the Make Arma Not War jury – consisting of Bohemia Interactive representatives and other industry professionals. The winners will be announced in March 2015.



Ivan Buchta, Creative Director at Bohemia Interactive:
The Arma community rocks! We received a wide variety of quality content, which made it incredibly challenging for us to select our finalists. Fortunately, we had help in the Singleplayer category, where more than 1,500 Arma 3 players voted for their favorite entries. Not to forget, we also discovered more than 20 eligible candidates for the Health Care In Danger Special Award. With the most exciting part in the contest ahead of us, I wish all of the finalists the best of luck, and look forward to announcing the winners in March!

In the Make Arma Not War contest, Arma 3 content creators compete in four different categories: Total Modification, Singleplayer Game Mode, Multiplayer Game Mode, and Addon. The winner of the Total Modification category will take home €200,000, while in the other categories the prize money is divided between 1st place (€50,000), 2nd place (€30,000), and 3rd place (€20,000) winners. In collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Bohemia Interactive will also be handing out the Health Care in Danger Special Award (more info).

More information about the Make Arma Not War contest, the rules, prizes, and categories is available on

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  • Murci, vete preparando las birras!

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  • Hoy se ha anunciado "el jurado" del concurso. Desde personas relevantes dentro de Bohemia ( como Jay Crowe, Marek Spanel y Karel Moricky ) hasta grandes personajes de la industria de los videojuegos o la simulación como Evan Lahti (PCGAMER), Martin Wiinholt (EUROGAMER) y no nos olvidemos de grandes amantes del Arma como Andrew Capel ( encargado de la comunidad Reality Gaming Simulations).

    ¡Hasta ModDB estará presente!

    Sin duda un jurado de altura.

    P.D.: ahora me entero de que Joris-Jan van 't Land es el líder detrás de Arma 3, se lo tiene bien callado la verdad!

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  • La verdad es que si Lord! Más de uno con más votos que murcielago se quedó fuera! Sin duda te veremos entre los tres primeros! Suerte!

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  • Enhorabuena Murciealgo! Espero que quedes entre los tres primeros. El haber llegado hasta ahí ya es todo un logro. Suerte!

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