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Hello, the 88th Co. CTF map pack 2014 project has been created by a team who have passion for PvP and by a guy who has passion for making code.  This map pack contains

the last revision of the CTF mission engine based on the 88th Infantry Tournament maps.

News on this version

  • Fatigue has been removed by default. Now is a mission parameter and by removing the Arma 3 fatigue system the gameplay has been increased a lot!
  • Pack of 15 CTF maps for Arma 3 at Altis and Stratis. They are limited to 28 slots, 12 for eache side and 4 for the TrackingCAM.
CTF v3.36 [88] CTF - Official Maps

Official eSports hardcore version with no help systems.

CTFM v3.36 [Murciealgo] CTF - Officias Maps

Version CTFM including help systems to make it easier for new players that start playing may be the most competitive game type, Capture The Flag. It also features Team Killer Lock (This is an automatic system that punish team killers but also feature a FORGIVE feature)



Changes for the CTF and CTFM


CTF v3.36 [88] CTF - Official Maps
  • Increased number of players for all maps to 24 (+4 TrackingCAM slots)
  • Arma 3 fatigue removed by default (Mission parameter)
  • Included a new special weapon (One for each side: MX_GL)
  • Included a new country, South Korea.
  • Code used to control presence of the special weapons has been improved.
  • Tweaked the code to handle respawn.
  • CTF background info now has the color or your side, blue for American team and green for resistance team. Like always your side is on the left of the CTF info.
  • Introduced all the great features from the 88th Infantry Tournament missions:
  • TrackingCAM (Spectator mode) Improved code and added features! Now you can select players by clicking over them on the map! It also allows people using the TrackingCAM to kick players if they are admins as you now have access to the map by pressing M key.
  • Permanent special weapons (One rifle and GL assault rifle for each team)
  • Smoke grenades for each team.
  • Deaths of each teams do not change the result of the match. Like in a football match you need to score (touch or make flags) more than your opponent.
  • The table at the end showing the result now has the colour of each team for players and team results.
  • Ammo spots.
  • Anti-wall cheating system.


CTFM v3.36 [Murciealgo] CTF - Officias Maps
  • Smart Marker System (Markers on map)
  • Tag System (Players information on demand in the world)
  • Team Killer Lock. This is an automatic system that punish team killers but also feature a FORGIVE feature.

Feel free to use the missions or part of these missions but: Creative Commons Atribution 4.0 License International

  • Remember to mention his creator ([88] Murcielago – Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.)
  • If you modify the missions:
  • Make it clear.
  • Please remove all the references that makes reference to Mionix and the 88th Co. team.

Please, just follow these simple rules if you want to use these missions of part of them. The code used in this project is not only part of the MAKE ARMA NOT WAR it also has been created for FREE for the Arma 3 community.

I will really appreciate if people use these missions to create open servers and in addition if anyone improves the code please share it!

Please if you like the quality and the high performance of the CTF2 mission engine please support this work by visiting our web and joining the Steam Group 88thCo

PS: Please, remove all our older versions and the 88IT maps form your server and use this one (v3.36)

88th Co."Walking Death" eSports Club

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  • Vamos a ver de implementar ese logo en todo lo que hace y promocionarlo. Mejor que la etiqueta de cerveza que tenía antes :p. Esto ya si parece algo más serio. A ver la aceptación que tienen las CTFs sin fatiga.

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  • P.D.: vaya logo se gasta Murcielago jajajaja

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  • la verdad es que un cambio tan simple como quitar la fatiga ( aunque no es el único cambio! ) cambia totalmente la forma de jugar! Y ahora si que se disfruta al 100%

    Gracias a Murcielago por su estupendo trabajo!

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  • No podíamos terminar mejor el año que anunciando la última versión de nuestras CTFs en las que se ha quitado la fatiga entre otros. A disfrutarlas!

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